Original Medicine


           Long before the Creatrix

          sent the quickening of life

    spiraling round the helix of my DNA

           to begin my physical self

                for this Earthwalk

         the very breath of Mystery

            had awakened my soul

               gifting my essence

      with pattern and rhythm unique

 never a replica nor ever to be replicated

 one of a kind original medicine

 the trail I am to re-member

as I find my way back home

       Cronedancing 2010

Beginning Again

Winter Solstice

When I turned 50 a decade ago, I began a journey to celebrate re-membering myself as my authentic self. I was no longer a child, young woman or mature woman but  a woman of power and wisdom with much to share, still on a journey to learn. 

Now, a decade later I find myself at the beginning of this journey again. Much has changed in my life and I find myself needing to revisit some experiences in new and differnet ways and to have new experiences to change and grow. I hope to look again at experiences and questions, as I come to them again on this spiral path that is my journey and to respond in a manner which comes from a place of centered heart and comapssionate intelligence. I hope to move forward from that place of heart with courage and joy into unchartered regions and territory. I hope to honor and embrace Love in all her guises and to see Spirit in myself and all my relations. I hope to step into Mystery and to see the little mysteries reflected in the hearts of all beings. And I hope that laughter comes to bless my heart and actions as the gentle rain brings renewal to the Earth.